Why is Salary Cap Sports better than traditional fantasy sports?

Reason #1 - Skill is rewarded

Are you lucky at fantasy sports or good?

We've all been in a fantasy league with a guy who leaves injured players in their starting lineups, forgets to switch players out during bye weeks, and generally treats fantasy sports as something he can check on whenever he gets around to it. The problem with this guy, or more specifically, the problem with traditional fantasy sports, is that this guy can still win. His injured player comes back at the exact time that he's playing your team, and even though he is still starting a player who has a bye week, he manages to beat you and sneak into the playoffs. In the playoffs, his entire team gets hot and he wins the championship. He finds out he won the championship, and just laughs.

At Salary Cap Sports, that guy will get slaughtered. If you don't sell a player who is injured then your Franchise Value is going to take a hit. If you start a player who is on a bye week then your Franchise Value is going to take a hit. It's not possible to win at SCS with a Franchise Value heading in reverse.

Based on my experience, I think traditional fantasy football is 20% skill, 20% effort and 60% luck. There have been mathematical studies done that indicate it's upward of 80% luck! This is probably great for attracting a large audience, and it's nice when you play with friends that everyone has a chance for most of the season, but if you want real competition and you don't want to be pulling your hair out when the lazy guy wins, then you're in the right place!

Reason #2 - Player Price Market

At Salary Cap Sports, every player has a price, and to build your team you have to sift through all the players looking for ones who are a good value. You have a fixed salary cap of $50 million and players are priced in such a way that it's challenging to field a team with many top tier players. You may be able to afford two or three top tier players if you find two or three really cheap options to go along with them. As the season starts and managers begin to buy and sell players, their prices move up and down. The goal is to own the players whose prices are going up so that your team's Franchise Value goes up as well.

Reason #3 - It's free and has cash prizes

A long explanation is not needed for this. Normally, if you want to play for money in your fantasy league then you have to pay to join. At SCS you have the best of both worlds. It's FREE to play and you are playing for cash.

Reason #4 – Constant Price Action and Trade Decisions

When you have new trades every single week and you can choose from any player in a league, then you have almost endless possibilities for your team. It's important to increase your Franchise Value, but it's also important to conserve trades for times when you need them. Should you buy the player whose price is 100% sure to increase, or should you buy the lesser known player who is over-performing his price, in hopes that his price will go up in the future. Every decision takes thought, and the decisions never end. If you love fantasy sports and love managing a team then this is the place for you.

Reason #5 – Global Leaderboard

At Salary Cap Sports, you aren't competing with just a few friends, (though creating a private league for friends is an option) you are competing against everyone who has signed up for the competition. The global leaderboard will show you where you stand against the competition, how your opponents are doing in terms of their Franchise Value, and how many trades they have remaining. Competing against everyone makes the game more challenging, and fuels the competitive nature in everyone involved.