Is there a cost to play Salary Cap Sports?

No, Salary Cap Sports is 100% free to play.

Are there prizes?

Yes! Every SCS contest has a prize. Click here for more information.

How do I create a team?

Click 'Home' at the top of this page and then click 'Create Team'.

How many teams can I create?

You can create up to 10 teams per sport, per year.

How do I change my team name?

Go into your team's Roster and click the edit button to the right of your team name.

What games does Salary Cap Sports offer?

Salary Cap Sports offers fantasy versions of the four major American sports; NFL Fantasy Football, MLB Fantasy Baseball, NBA Fantasy Basketball and NHL Fantasy Hockey.

What is the scoring system of SCS?

You can choose 'How to Play' from the top menu and view SCS Scoring from there, or click here.

How many trades do I get in the preseason?

You have unlimited trades in the preseason.

Can I buy more trades?

No, buying trades is not part of the SCS game.

When do I get more trades?

  • Football - 4 new trades each Tuesday at 8:00am EST.
  • Baseball - 3 new hitter trades and 3 new pitcher trades each Monday at 8:00am EST.
  • Basketball - 4 new trades each Monday at 8:00am EST.
  • Hockey - 4 new trades each Monday at 8:00am EST.

How come I can't always click on the price of a player to buy or sell?

  • You have not selected a team from the Home page. Make sure you select a team before trying to buy players for the team.
  • The player's game is in progress or already completed for that day/week.
  • All SCS games have periods of time when trading is disabled.

Please read the Trading Rules under 'How to Play', or click here.

I made a trade that I'm now unhappy with, can I undo it?

Yes! Trades can be undone only on the date the trade was made and only if the player's game has not started. Go to the Transactions page to see a list of trades you've made and click the Undo trade button to undo the trade.

I bought a player who ended up being injured. Will SCS automatically undo my trade?

No, SCS offers no guarantees about the accuracy of player injury news on the site. SCS also does not offer trade voiding or injury insurance of any kind. All trades and all monitoring of player availability is up to each manager playing the game.

What are the factors that make a player's price change?

The Salary Cap Sports Player Price Market is a feature whereby salaries go up and down based on total trade activity, similar to the stock market. If a player is bought much more than he is sold then his price goes up. If a player is sold more than he is bought then his price drops.

When do price updates happen?

  • Football - Price changes will be calculated every Tuesday at 3:00am EST starting after week 2 of the NFL season.
  • All other sports - Price changes will be calculated every day at 3:00am EST starting on day 2 of the season.

When are new players made available (IPO's)?

New players will be added to SCS when it becomes apparent they are going to play in their first game. They will be added to the game at a time that makes it fair for everyone, i.e. early in the morning, while trading is still frozen. All IPO's will be announced on your Home page.

Does my roster need to be full to collect points?

No, your team can receive points even if your roster is not full.

Be aware that your team will lose points for each empty roster spot. Read about roster requirements here.