There are three types of Leagues:

  • Global League
  • Public Leagues
  • Private Leagues

Global League

There is one Global League that every team is automatically entered in. The results of this league are displayed on the main Leaderboard and will determine the overall prize winners.

Public Leagues

Each team is automatically entered into one public league. The public league you are entered in is accessible through the Leagues tab. The name of each public league begins with 'SCS'. During the season, new public leagues are created each week. If you create a new team part way through the season, you will automatically be entered in a league with other teams that started in the same timeframe, providing great competition for teams created at any point during the season. Public leagues have their own message boards. You can't change your public league.

Private Leagues

Private leagues can be created by managers. The manager who creates the league is the League Owner and has control over who is invited to the league and who can participate in the league. Inviting others to the league can be done using the 'Invite' button or by sending the participant a link and a password. The League Owner can remove teams from the league at their discretion. Private leagues have their own message boards. You can leave a private league whenever you want. You can create and join as many private leagues as you would like.