There are three types of Leagues:

  • Global Points League
  • Public Leagues (Head-to-Head)
  • Private Leagues (Head-to-Head or Points)

Global League

There is one Global League that every team is automatically entered in. The results of this league are displayed on the main Leaderboard and will determine the overall prize winners.

Public Leagues

Salary Cap Sports will run public head-to-head leagues that can be joined by anyone. To find a public league to join, go to the 'Leagues' menu option and click 'Join League'. Prizes are not awarded for winning a public league.

Private Leagues

Private leagues (Head-to-Head or Points) can be created by any manager. The manager who creates the league is the League Owner and has control over who is invited to the league and who can participate in the league. Inviting others to the league can be done using the 'Invite' button or by sending the participant a link and a password. The League Owner can remove teams from the league at their discretion. Prizes are not awarded for winning a private league.