Player Price Market

What makes players' prices change?

The Salary Cap Sports Player Price Market is a feature whereby players' prices go up and down based on total trade activity, similar to the stock market. If a player is bought much more than he is sold then his price goes up. If a player is sold more than he is bought then his price drops. The key to increasing your Franchise Value is to anticipate the demand for specific players, and buy them before their price goes up. In addition, your knowledge of which players on your roster are slumping, injured, or have a poor upcoming schedule, can allow you to sell a player before his price plummets.

A second, smaller component of player price movement, is ownership percentage. Players that are on a large percentage of active rosters will experience a slight price increase based on this ownership. Conversely, players with very low ownership will experience a price drop.

When do price updates happen?

  • Football: Price changes will be calculated every Tuesday at 3:00am EST starting after week 2 of the NFL season.
  • Baseball, basketball, and hockey: Price changes will be calculated every day at 3:00am EST starting after day 2 of the season.

When are new players made available (IPO's)?

New players will be added to SCS when it becomes apparent they are going to play in their first game. They will be added to the game at a time that makes it fair for everyone, i.e. early in the morning, while trading is still frozen. All IPO's will be announced on your Home page.