Stat groupStatScoringNotes
PassingPassing Yards.5 points per yard
PassingPassing Touchdowns40 points per TD
PassingPassing Interceptions-40 points per interception
PassingSacks-10 points per sack
PassingPassing 2 point conversion10 points per conversion
RushingRushing Yards1 point per yard
RushingRushing Touchdown60 points per touchdown
RushingRushing 2 point conversion20 points per conversion
ReceivingReceiving Yards1 point per yard
ReceivingReceptions5 points per catch
ReceivingReceiving Touchdown60 points per touchdown
ReceivingReceiving 2 point conversion20 points per conversion
All Offensive PlayersFumbles Lost-40 points per fumble lost
Special TeamsFG Under 40 yards made20 points per FG made
Special TeamsFG Under 40 yards missed-20 points per FG missed
Special TeamsFG 40 yards and over made30 points per FG made
Special TeamsExtra Point made5 points per XP made
Special TeamsExtra Point missed-5 points per XP missed
Special TeamsKickoff Return Yards.5 points per yard
Special TeamsKickoff Return Touchdowns60 points per touchdown
Special TeamsPunt Return Yards1 points per yard
Special TeamsPunt Return Touchdowns60 points per touchdown
Special TeamsPunt Downed Inside 20 yard line20 points per punt inside 20
DefenseTouchdowns Allowed175 Points to start game. Subtract 70 points for each TD allowedFor Example - Defense allows two touchdowns in a game. 'Touchdowns Allowed' scoring would be 175 - (70 * 2) = 35 points
DefenseYards Allowed350 Points to start game. Subtract 1 point for each yard allowedFor Example - Defense allows 310 total yards. 'Yards Allowed' scoring would be 350 - 310 = 40 points
DefenseFumbles Recovered25 points per fumble recovered
DefenseInterceptions25 points per interception
DefenseSacks10 points per sack
DefenseDefense scores a touchdown60 points per touchdown
HitterSingle10 points per single
HitterDouble20 points per double
HitterTriple30 points per triple
HitterHome Run40 points per home run
HitterRuns10 points per run
HitterRuns Batted In10 points per run batted in
HitterWalk10 points per walk
HitterHit By Pitch10 points per HBP
HitterStolen Base20 points per stolen base
HitterStrikeout-5 points per strikeout
PitcherInning Pitched24 points per inning pitchedThis equates to 8 points per batter retired
PitcherEarned Runs-20 points per earned run allowed
PitcherStrikeout10 points per strikeout
PitcherHits Allowed-5 points per hit allowed
PitcherWalks Allowed-5 points per walk allowed
PitcherHit Batters-5 points per batter hit
PitcherWins80 points per win
PitcherLosses-30 points per loss
PitcherSaves80 points per save

Note: Pitchers do NOT get credit for batting stats and hitters do NOT get credit for pitching stats.

AllPoints Scored1 SCS Point per point scored
AllRebounds1.5 points per rebound
AllAssists2 points per assist
AllBlocked Shot2.5 points per blocked shot
AllSteal2.5 points per steal
AllTurnover-1.5 points per turnover
SkaterGoals15 points per Goal
SkaterAssists10 points per assist
SkaterPlus/Minus5 points per plus/minusFor Example - Player has plus/minus of -2, this equates to -10 SCS Points
SkaterShots1 point per shot
SkaterHits1 point per hit
SkaterBlocked Shots1 point per blocked shot
SkaterPower Play Points3 points per power play pointThis is 3 points in addition to SCS Points gained for an assist or goal.
SkaterShort-Handed Points3 points per short-handed pointThis is 3 points in addition to SCS Points gained for an assist or goal.
GoalieWins20 points per Win
GoalieGoals Against-5 points per goal allowed
GoalieSaves1 point per save
GoalieShutouts15 points per shutout

Note: All official scoring changes and resulting SCS point changes will be applied retroactively.

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