Do you remember Small World Fantasy Sports?

Small World Fantasy Sports was a fantasy sports website that started in 1994, sold to The Sporting News in 2001, and eventually shut down a few years later.

Anyone who played Small World would tell you how much fun the game was. Unlike most of today's fantasy sites, where you draft a team and check on it periodically, Smallworld's 'stock market-like' atmosphere kept you completely engaged at all times.

The beauty of the game was in the very delicate balance between attempting to increase your franchise value and accumulating enough points to stay competitive with the leaders, while also effectively managing your allotted weekly trades. It seemed that you were constantly forced to make a choice between holding a player whose value was dropping or using a trade to sell the player and then hoping you didn't regret it the very next day!

Small World operated under the best fantasy format ever created. It's been extinct for over 15 years, but Salary Cap Sports is bringing it back to life!